Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

To provide our customers with the most efficient and cost effective carpet cleaning solutions available we use only the best carpet cleaning equipment, chemicals and processes. These solutions range from high powered truck-mounted steam cleaning to cutting edge very low moisture carpet cleaning technologies.
We offer both powerful steam carpet cleaning and very low moisture (Encapsulation) carpet cleaning.
As we clean to the carpet cleaning standard AS/NZS 3733:1995 we do prefer to utilize the Hot Water Extraction (aka Steam Cleaning) method foremost due to it’s superior cleaning and flushing ability. Hence steam Cleaning is referred to as a restorative clean.

Powerful suction and hot temperature cleaning for the best result possible!

Our Method

  • Our professional carpet hot water extractionRestoration carpet cleaning cleaning system (AKA steam cleaning) provides the most effective and thorough method of cleaning carpets ensuring that the maximum amount of water is extracted so that your carpet is dry in hours!
  • Added to this we use a powerful seven jet extraction cleaning wand which cleans your carpet from all directions delivering maximum cleaning to the carpet fibre and expedited drying times.
  • This powerful combination of agitation and rotary flushing action powered by the latest truck mount system enables us to clean carpets far more effectively than conventional carpet cleaning systems.

Looking for a professional carpet cleaner in Mandurah and surrounding areas?

When sourcing a carpet cleaning professional ensure that they have a recognized industry qualification as a minimum.
A professional Carpet cleaner has undergone comprehensive training in fibre identification, specialized stain removal, chemical types and PH levels and cleaning methods to get the best results.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning machine vs a portable carpet cleaning machine

  • The flushing power of the truck mount carpet cleaning machine is 2.5 times greater than that of a portable carpet machine. This flushing action thoroughly removes any previous carpet cleaning solution residue and soiling producing a far superior result.
  • The vacuum of the truck mounted machine is 3.5 times stronger than the portable unit producing superior suction which leaves the carpet dryer.
  • Hotter solutions at the carpet pile are produced to provide the best cleaning result.
  • With no reliance on your power to operate the truck mounted unit simply hooks up to your cold water tap and runs on fuel from the vehicle to heats its own water.
  • Carpet cleaning machines stay in the vehicle and only hoses and cleaning wands are run into your home

There is a Difference in Carpet Cleaning!
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What is Low Moisture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning?

  • Encapsulation cleaning is classed as a low moisture cleaning system and is totally different to traditional dry cleaning. Rather than trying to remove soils by transferring them into a pad, the Encapsulation process breaks down the soil from the carpet fibre and backing, surrounding it into crystal particles that are easily removed with ordinary vacuuming.

    With Encapsulation cleaning, the carpet looks instantly clean! While the Encapsulation’s crystallizing polymer is curing it is also absorbing the sticky soils that hold dry soil in place. With these oily soils out of the way the carpet looks cleaner immediately. Detergent and soil particles can no longer attract other soils as they are surrounded and are easily removed by routine vacuuming.

    The encapsulation chemistry also coats the clean fibre with the same brittle film. This reduces the fibre’s affinity for oily and also dry soils. As this brittle film “breaks away” more soil is removed, the appearance of the fibre improves as opposed to soiling more rapidly. 

Encapsulation is a highly efficient, very low moisture carpet cleaning method,
recommended for light soiled carpet and used as an interim between restorative cleaning.
It leaves your carpet clean, fresh and quick to dry!

Encapsulation Cleaning Process

  • Most dry soil is removed by pre-vacuuming with an industrial grade vacuum cleaner.
  • The encapsulation chemical is applied while a rotary agitation machine is used
  • The chemical encapsulates the soil while drying
  • The soil and crystalized residue are vacuumed away when dried during the normal routine of post-vacuuming.
  • The carpet becomes cleaner each day the carpet is vacuumed for up to a week.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning has advanced extensively over the last 10 years. It provides excellent results that will continue to reduce carpet re-soiling well after the carpet has been cleaned. This method of carpet cleaning is used extensively for commercial carpet cleaning.

Suitable for all carpet types, our Low Moisture Encapsulation carpet cleaning system results in clean, fresh carpet that dries within just a couple of hours

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