Leather Cleaning

Looking for a Reliable Leather Cleaning Service in the Mandurah area?

2 The Max Carpet & Tile Cleaning offers a professional and reliable leather cleaning service that will help you extend the life of your leather furniture and keep it looking beautiful.

When Do You Need A Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services?

Perspiration, sun protection creams, moisturising lotions and traces of body oils that are left on the leather from your skin or hair can damage the protective seal and stain your leather’s topcoat thus compromising the integrity of the leather. This often leads to incorrect cleaning methods being utilised.

Routine cleaning of leather upholstery using non-leather products can damage its finish. Baby or regular cleaning wipes, washing up liquid and other non-leather products gradually build up a residue that collect dirt which starts to destroy the finish. This then exposes the leather and it starts to crack, this process is at first unnoticeable, until often when it is damaged beyond repair.

Clean And Restore Your Leather To Its Best Possible Condition
 And Keep It That Way For Years To Come

The best way to protect your investment in your leather furniture is to keep the leather clean and conditioned. Regular cleaning and protection by a leather cleaning professional is critical for the longevity of your leather upholstery. We clean your leather while also renewing the finish.

Our Process of Leather Cleaning

Using professional training and the latest chemistry and equipment we provide a cleaning and protecting of pigmented leather furniture service, in the Mandurah area.Leather Sofa Cleaning

We use professional leather cleaning products to lift out soiling and residue without adversely affecting the leather on your furniture. This is a deep clean with gentle, pH balanced leather cleaners.
When cleaning is complete we use an advanced leather protector to restore the suppleness and eliminate dryness with our specially formulated leather upholstery conditioner. This is done onsite, at your premises, taking a few hours.

You can trust us to safely and effectively clean your leather furniture keeping your leather looking great for years to come.

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