Window Cleaning

We Use a Pure Water Pole Fed Window Cleaning system

Our Pure Water window cleaning service uses pure water to clean your windows, as this is scientifically proven to be the best method of window cleaning.
A technology that turns ordinary tap water into the purest liquid in the world, creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free without cleaning chemicals or detergents.
While impurities in ordinary tap water cause spotting and streaking, pure water becomes an aggressive cleaning agent.
Our de-ionisation pure water fed pole system yields pure water which dries without any streaks or spots and there is no need for any soaps or squeegees.
External windows cleaned with cleaning agents are generally left with a very fine film, which eventually attracts dust and particulates.
Pure water cleaning leaves windows absolutely spotless and “film-less” meaning they will stay clean longer!

This method of cleaning windows is cleaner,
safer and longer lasting!

How Pure Water Cleaning Systems Work.

Putting it simply, pure water is always trying to return to its natural impure state. Pure water wants to be dirty again! When applied to your windows, it attracts dirt like a magnet.
To produce Pure Water we take tap water and filter it extensively until all of the impurities have been removed, leaving de-ionised, pure water.
Pure water is excellent at breaking down and dissolving dirt, leaving no residue of chemicals or detergent on the glass.
As pure water leaves nothing but pure water on the glass, your windows stay cleaner for longer as there is nothing to attract the dirt back to the window and nothing for dirt to stick to so easily.
Pure-water dries naturally to a sparkling clean finish. No spots. No smears. No marks.

Our Method

  • To apply pure water to your windows we usePure Water Window Cleaning Mandurah an extendable reach and wash water-fed pole with a soft bristle cleaning brush on the end.
  • Pure water is then pumped up the pole and out through pencil jets in the brush head.
  • The Pure water with its powerful cleaning properties rapidly softens even stubborn dirt on the window, the soft brush is used to agitate the softened dirt and the flow of pure water carries the dirt with it to the ground.
  • The windows are left wet, but with no impurities in the remaining drops of pure water, remarkably they dry to a sparkling, streak free finish every time.
  • Your windows will now stay cleaner for longer as there is nothing left for the dirt to stick to so easily.
  • We offer Traditional window cleaning for internal windows.

Let us bring back the sparkle to your property today!